Sunday, December 27, 2009

Violently Ill

I have been a little sick for the past week. But last night this little sickness showed it could be a big bad illness if it wanted to. I went to bed at midnight because I was feeling a little worse than usual and shouldn't have stayed up so late anyway. I woke up around 2 with the urge to vomit. I vomited quite a lot and thought I had cleared my stomach and hoped that now I could get some sleep. But come 4:00 I hurried into the bathroom to vomit and this time discovered that not only had I not cleared my stomach out completely last time but in the interim I had developed a case of the squirts. Suffice it to say I am glad that I brought extra underwear with me to Idaho.

After that I have been vomiting and experiencing diarrhea at roughly one hour intervals. If you have never experienced rushing to the toilet only to be uncertain whether it would be better to try to vomit first and not crap your pants or better to try and crap without vomiting all over let me sate your curiosity. It isn't that great.

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