Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ludum Dare is Over: Alien Diaspora is just beginning

I didn't take the time to make any posts in the last 24 hours of the game competition since the rate of my coding greatly picked up. Even coding like mad I ended up coding the game over screen only an hour before the deadline and I tried py2exe to make a nice windows executable in the last hour. py2exe however did not work for me it needed some dll that it couldn't find. So I submitted it to the contest as just as source code and content zipped up in a folder.

I decided to call the game Alien Diaspora, I am surprised by how much I actually got done during the competition. Even though I didn't get nearly as far on the AI as I would have liked I still coded 3 levels up upgrades to the pathfinding algorithms the bots use. The highest level of pathfinding is still not very good but it is sufficient to deal with the type and size of mazes that my game generates. If I had had even another 2 hours or so after the competition deadline I would have implemented the ability to scroll around a maze so that I could have made the mazes bigger than the game screen size and added proper information displays to the game etc.

As the game stands now it is not very fun to play and this is finals week so I certainly don't have time to put much more into it now. I plan on actually making it fun to play at some point and I want to make a windows executable out of it because if I don't it will never get played buy much of anyone. If you actually want to download it you can see it and all the other LD 16 games at the ludum dare site my game again is Alien Diaspora and since they are sorted alphabetically it is near the top.

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