Friday, December 11, 2009

Ludum Dare #16 Theme: Exploration

So I have gotten all stocked up for the weekend with a bunch of bagels and a toaster in my room. I may not go out of my room all weekend except to go to the bathroom which will also consequently be the source of my drinking water. Ludum Dare #16 has begun and even as it starts I already know vaguely what I want to do for the game.

Before the competition started I had convinced myself that I wanted to do a game where some sort of AI is the center of the game play. Although it would depend on what the theme eventually turned out to be I was pretty convinced that what I wanted to do was a game which involved buying upgrades to some sort of minion. If the theme had ended up being something like "unwanted powers" then I would probably have been forced to come up with a different idea. The theme ended up being exploration.

Adapting my idea of getting better and better minions to do your work is almost too easy to adapt to this theme. You begin in a maze and your goal is to find the way out. You start with a fog of war everywhere except the start point and the end of the maze. But instead of like in a normal maze game the player has no direct control over the exploration of the maze. Instead the player relies on robot minions. The player merely lets the robots roam the maze collecting money. Money can then be used to buy more robots or upgrades for existing robots.

The details of the game might be hard to make work in such a way that the game is fun especially when I only have 48 hours to code the game which means essentially 0 hours to play test it beyond making sure that it doesn't just crash. There goes the first 30 minutes! that is fully 1% of the total time I have to program the entire game and make all of the content!!!

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