Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bizarre things that have cut me.

I was preparing dinner just now and somehow managed to cut myself. But I didn't cut myself with a knife as you might have imagined I would. I cut myself on the dried salsa on the salsa bottle as I opened it. Now I can add that to the list of bizarre things that have cut me.

  1. buttered toast

  2. a mattress (note not the mattress springs but the material itself)

  3. dried salsa

It should be noted that I require at least a little bit of blood to be drawn in order to count it a cut, if no blood is drawn then it is considered a scratch. In the case of the mattress whether or not it was a cut is moot since it was really an abrasion, a particularly nasty "rug burn" if you will. But it goes on the list anyway since it bled.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

bizzarre but fun

admittedly I spent way too much time playing this game. The preponderance of "media monsters" named QQQ with perfect stats makes me think that perhaps that particular name is some sort of cheat to get balanced stats.