Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ludum Dare

Although I really should spend a weekend studying for the final in Mathematical Methods for Physicists class on Thursday I am instead going to work all weekend on coding up a game for a game competition. The game Competition is Ludum Dare which is a latin phrase meaning to give play. I wonder if the sense of the word Dare as being a proposed challenge has anything to do with it being the latin form of the verb "to give".

The Ludum Dare competition is a 48 hour competition wherein first a theme is voted on and selected and then 48 hours are given to the entrants during which they must code a game from scratch. Team entries are not allowed so you have to do it yourself and although preexisting code bases are allowed (so long as they are freely available to everyone before the competition). However all game logic and all content (both graphical and musical) is supposed to be generated during the competition. I haven't the foggiest idea how much of a game I can really expect to code up in 48 hours especially since I have never coded any means of taking user input that wasn't from the terminal (well... at least I haven't coded it well). On top of that I don't want to screw up my sleep schedule for the competition too badly so I will not be staying up the full 48 hours to code though that would be pretty epic (albeit likely counterproductive).

Regardless of whether or not something playable comes out of the experiment though I am going to make a time lapse screen recording of the two days. Which I'm pretty sure would be entertaining for me to watch even without being able to see the development of my coding.

Wish me luck!

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