Monday, July 27, 2009


I have been trying to think of some good blog posts over the past few days and have begun writing a whole bunch of different ones. I keep on thinking that either I am not doing a good enough job describing a good topic or I don't really have anything worth saying. But I have finally decided on a blog post topic. Namely the topic of all the weird topics I have been trying to write up.

Artificial Intelligence and Tetris
Neural computer interfaces
plausibility of visiting distant black holes
the evil sheriff arpaio
gravity and the multiverse (dark energy)
the importance of science fiction
my family reunion
genetic sequencing programs
false discovery rate statistics
problems and benefits of short term economic models
finite symbol combination systems
random wavelet coordinates

Some of these topics will definitely get put up but others will no doubt fall by the wayside. I just thought it might be enlightening to know that I often start 4 or 5 blog posts where I publish 1.

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