Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Posting Times

I find it decidedly odd that this post was first posted about 2 minutes after the previous one but it is time stamp many hours away from the other one. I don't really like this time stamping system. It means that I can take months to finish a post but when I finally post it it will show up as though I posted it when I began it not when I finished it.


Sujal said...

Why is that a bad thing?

Or you could use the time stamp to write something in advance and have it posted later. That's always fun too.

ma~ said...

Actually come to think of it this could be really fun. I could make blog posts about predicting things. and then just leave them blank until after whatever it was I was trying to predict occurred and then post my miraculously accurate prediction which is time stamped by google! it must be true!

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