Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How much my blog is earning me

Interestingly I don't know how to get a good count of how many people access my blog via any other means than using the adds thing. My adds account will tell me how many people have visited my blog but my blog wont... odd. At any rate apparently the adds account estimates how much money the publisher of an add will make per thousand impressions. My site has an impressive $0.05 estimated eCPM. Since my blog has had an impressive 42 page impressions so far this month (how that happened I shall never know) I am proud to annouce that means my page is making an estimated 5.8 microbucks per hour... yup... somehow I think the amount it costs to host my page is rather higher than the payout to the advertisers. There must be some sort of power law which relates the number of blogs that make google a certain amount of money and the number of said blogs. There must be a millions of blogs that actually cost google money and then like 0.01% of them that make them money. Since the hosting of blogs is so much less bandwith and storage intensive than video it suddenly makes sense that youtube is loosing hundreds of millions of dollars a year despite its vast popularity.

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