Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I want to go to other stars, but the moon will do.

Looking up at the stars at night and looking out at the sunset I often feel a strong desire to visit other stars and see alien sunsets. It doesn't even really have to be me that visits these other stars it is inspiring just to think that at some point a pair of human eyes will be watching a sun set that is not our own. It ultimately doesn't really bother me much that humanity will one day perish. But it is somehow deeply saddening to think that by humanities end we might never have stepped away from our home planet.

I dearly hope we will prove ourselves capable of leaving our home solar system but while I think humanity hopefully will spread to other stars one day such a feat would be nothing short of the most monumental undertaking in human history. But humanity needn't go to another star to leave home we needn't even head off to mars (though that would be fun too). We simply need to go back to the moon and put down some roots.

The other day at sunset I was aching with the desire to go to another star system and the impossible distances involved. The moon happened to be out as well and I caught a glimpse of it looking beautiful and suddenly so very alien itself. Going to another star will remain a distant fantasy all my life but going to the moon is something I really could do in my lifetime. So I'm going to add another long shot goal to my list; set foot on the moon.

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