Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Utility Access Only: or My New Office

Over the Christmas break I was moved out of my old comfy office which was a converted storage room in the basement, to a room that is old lab space. I suppose this room does have the advantage (disadvantage?) that I actually get reception for my cell phone here. But rather ironically this room is probably the least accessible spot in the whole damn building. On top of the offices positional awkwardness, which I assure you is severe, my office doesn't appear at first glance to have a working door.

My office has two doors, one is clearly marked JFB 205 and the other is rather humorously marked "Utility Access". Judging from the exposed strut running down the middle of the room between the two doors I think it is plausible that once upon a time the utility access door actually was what it purports to be. At any rate the door actually marked as though it led to an office instead of a janitorial closet is now completely inoperable. When the work crew came in to install the desks for some reason they figured it would be best to keep the desks as close as possible to the door and as far away as possible from the far wall... I don't think they had quite worked out that the desks poke out into the room farther than the door is away from the wall. Thus if you try to access the room through the obvious entrance you find the door jams after opening about an inch and a half. Giving the impression that perhaps the occupants have barricaded the door in order to defend against the imminent zombie apocalypse.

Fortunately for me I had tried to access the room before the desks were actually installed and so was aware that the apparent janitorial closet right next to the office was in fact a secret entryway. I hope the desk placement stupidity isn't corrected too quickly since this will enevitably lead to other people being aware of how to enter the room.

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