Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ludum Dare #16 Voting Results

Much to my surprise after the voting happened for Ludum Dare 16 it turns out my game entry came in 12th overall!

Top 20 Entries

Considering there were 121 total entries, that this was my first game making competition and that quite a number of the people who enter in these competitions actually code or even make games for a living, I'd say that is reason to be proud. Also my game was the only game in the top 20 which didn't come with some sort of executable. Of course I would like to say that this was a major disadvantage because it means many fewer people ran my game than might otherwise have. But I suppose that it may also be an advantage since only people that really wanted to play my game would have run it.

I'm going to try and participate in the next LD too and this time I will not have to relearn python or learn pygame and assuming I can find a few hours to detatch it from my LD 16 entry I will have a rough game engine. This time I will spend a few hours before hand making sure that I can make an executable.

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