Tuesday, October 23, 2007


So I really haven't had much time lately to do much of anything which is not all that surprising considering I am taking 21 credit hours this semester. I thought I could spare a quick minute to make a post though mostly because I am having trouble with this calculation for number theory and I am taking a break.

So far I have been trying to make it clear how I have been ariving at results and giving a bit of background explanation to most things that I have been talking about. I am going to stop doing that for a second and just give you some straight results without talking about how they were derived.

If Jupiter were turned into a black hole space time immediately around the event horizon would be moving circularly at about 168 times the speed of light.

I estimate that the core densities and temperatures necessary to create a black hole are around 1028 g/cm3 and 1019 K which would need to be sustained for only 10-20 sec or so...

If a system of atomic bombs could be used to send pressure waves into Jupiters core the minimum necessary pressure could be provided by about 107 one megaton atomic bombs.

The method of creation using equally distributed h-bombs is not very economical but is the least invasive as it would cause a minimum of damage to the moons and surrounding systems.

I'll fill you in a bit on how I got these estimates later now its back to hw.

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