Wednesday, September 8, 2010

LD #18, maybe another time....

I never really got started on the game for this competition. I haven't made a post about my abject failure to do anything of note because between school and moving in to a new apartment I have had very very little time. For the competition I decided I wanted to do something with sound and very quickly came to the conclusion that I should make enemies sounds and in order to defeat them you had to cancel their sound out. The sounds you could make would be limited by the monsters you had defeated. I hadn't really figured out how to make the game interesting or fun but the idea seemed original and I have long wanted to learn to manipulate sound via programming. However the choice to use sound was my undoing. I near instantly discovered that my desktop has some issue with using sound in pygame... after reinstalling the module I just sort of gave up. The theme was basically my least favorite out of all the possible themes (even the joke theme double zombie rainbow) the inability to even run the simplest sound programs in the programming language of my choice pretty much drowned my remaining enthusiasm and I figured I would just play video games for the weekend instead of make them.

However I still feel that game might be fun to write at some future point so... maybe I will actually code it someday (I give it odds of about 40 to 1 against)

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