Thursday, September 30, 2010

I got the most AMAZING seats to see Hamlet. (and for $5!)

Thursday last week I went to see Hamlet at the pioneer memorial theater. The performance was quite good and I think so was the editing of the play. I have long been quite the fan of the play Hamlet. I have read the play more than once and gave serious effort to memorizing it at one point (I actually managed to memorize the first scene in the first act before I gave up). Until a week ago I had only seen it performed via recordings. But Last Thursday I got to see it live and much to my good fortune not only did I get to see it live but I got to see it from an EXCELLENT seat. Jenna went to the theater ahead of me and purchased the tickets a little less than 30 minutes before the show started and then when I arrived she nonchalantly led me to the best seats in the house. Two seats on the very front row and at the dead center of the very front row! The theater has a program where U students can buy tickets to get the best seats still available 30 minutes before the performance for $5 a seat. Apparently the people with the season tickets who normally would have occupied that space had canceled. For any play this would have made me happy but that this happened for HAMLET!! it is just so amazing. The last time Hamlet was performed at the PMT was in the 80's and no doubt will not be performed again for a decade or two more. To give a perspective on how difficult such seats are to obtain a conversation with our neighbors revealed that they had season tickets and had been sitting in the same seats for 30 years! Furthermore the people who normally sat in the seats we were occupying had also been sitting there for many years (though how many years exactly I alas did not ask).

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Sujal said...

Jealous. Super jealous.