Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm Graduating

So there is a requirement for the mathematics degree that says that you have to take the mathematics subject GRE and get better than the 9th percentile. Now while this doesn't seem like much of a barrier there is one little problem. I thought the subject GRE's like the genergal GRE was given all the time and any time I wanted to I could go and fulfill this teeny little requirement. The problem was that in fact the subject GRE's are administered only about 3 times a year... And you have to sign up for them waaaay in advance. So I thought that my bad planning had made it impossible for me to graduate this past spring. However... I was wrong. I went and talked to the appropriate people (finally) this summer and it turns out that the GRE requirement has been changed so that I can replace it with one extra elective course... which I had already in fact taken for fun.... So... that made me feel kinda stupid. The whole not even checking if I could graduate thing.

So now after jumping through the appropriate hoops it looks like they are going to let me graduate summer semester even though I am applying only 4 days before the end of the semester and even though I still don't have my AP results to them after 5 years. Speaking of which that is the biggest headache of all. I still have to wait for a week or more before they will even send the scores and then I have to go back to the school to sign a little piece of paper that says I want them to release my scores and I have to make sure that I talk to some person named jason in order to get them on my transcript for the semester that I want them. /headache

but as I was saying, the bright side is that I am getting my degrees, I will shortly be the proud new owner of a Physics B.S. a Mathematics B.S. and a CS Minor.

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