Wednesday, August 26, 2009


So I bought this monitor at campus surplus. When I bought it I hooked it up to a borrowed laptop and made sure that the screen was ok. Immediately after I bought it I hooked it up and it had three little dead patches. Actually they weren't entirely dead just the blue and green pixels were but the red ones for some reason were fine. It has been somewhere along the lines of 5 or 6 months since i bought the monitor and over the course of this time the dead patches have progressed to the point where they are now completely dead except for a very scarce smattering of heroic red pixels. I had thought that the blotches may have been there when I first saw the monitor in the campus surplus but that I just didn't see them (even though they are fairly obvious). I reasoned that surely the monitor couldn't have deteriorated so rapidly as to form these dead spots just from the walk back to my apartment! But the rapidity with which the splotches further decayed into completely dead patches makes me think that perhaps this monitor is older lcd technology than I am giving it credit for and the walk out in the hot sun was indeed a little too much excitement for its diodes.

Because I blame myself for these splotches (either I made them myself by carrying it home in the sun over 12 blocks or by failing to notice them at the store) so I will live with them until such time as either the monitor becomes unusable or I have something called "discretionary income" which is a theoretical object whose existence is inferred by from observing it in other peoples budgets. I mean actual discretionary income not the kind that comes with credit card debt.

However this newest malfunction of my monitor I feel in no way responsible for. I have kept my monitor inside and out of the sun. Of course I have no air conditioning so I have also kept it warm and cozy 80-90 degrees during the day and a nice "cool enough to sleep in" 60-85 during the night. Since I do not have a great deal of money to spend on rent (the thing that inspired me to get my monitor at campus surplus in the first place) I do not consider this lack of cooling to be my fault.
So of course I was aghast when I am browsing one day (ok fine playing games on facebook) and there appears a solid vertical yellow line from hell. For some reason all the pixels about 4 inches from the left of my screen got together and decided they wanted to be yellow... permanently.

I suppose I can understand their distress, I mean after all I wouldn't find turning on and off all day a particularly riveting job but I somehow think it is more interesting than just deciding to get locked to some bloody color of yellow that probably isn't even legal outside of the 70's. The worst thing about this is that because I see yellow it is not just a single line of pixels doing their thing. Oh no, it takes multiple pixels to make any color but red green and blue so the pixels along this line actually have to be working together against me and just to make it clear that they are in fact a unified and organized resistance waging war against my evil screen tyranny. Well this isn't a democracy and if the pixels are reading this I just want them to know, I'm watching you!

Of course there is always the off chance that this isn't actually a rebellion but an attempt at self order against the chaos of reality. A beacon of reason and culture amidst a world that cannot be understood by my pixels 2 dimensional minds and senses. Perhaps my habit of never turning off my monitor has allowed the pixels inside time to evolve and become more than their makers had intended. Then again probably not.

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