Monday, November 5, 2007

Late Start

If I want to have any chance of being able to achieve the nanowrimo word count of 50,000 then I had best get started soon. I still haven't written anything for it. If I had been writing every day then I would have had to average 1666 words a day but if I start now then I will have to average a nice round 2,000 words a day. I have decided to go with the spark thing and I will start it today. Right now I will work with the following general outline of the story order.

1. scene featuring the antagonists performing some sort of misdeed and foreshadowing the danger to our hero (~8 pgs)
2. ordinary life of our hero (~15 pgs)
2.3 include information of area of study of protagonist
2.5 subpoint in normal life introduce hero romance interest
3. botched assassination/kidnapping attempt on protagonist (~4 pgs)
4. introuduce the good guys (may or may not have helped prevent #3) (~5 pgs)
5. flight and hiding (~15 pgs)
6. betrayal or failure of some sort (~8 pgs)
7. secondary flight (~5 pgs)
8. capture of either protagonist or love interest (~2 pgs)
9. Revelation of betrayers identity (~2 pgs)
9. confrontation of main protagonist with a powerful villain ending in failure for protagonist (~5 pgs)
10. horrible fate averted/ redemption of betrayer (~3 pgs)
11. Escape (~2 pgs)

All in all that should carry me to the 50,000 mark and a bit beyond hopefully it won't be total crap. Ok I have wasted enough time not writing it I had better start.

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