Monday, November 2, 2009

Nano Begins Again

November is national novel writing month. NAtional NOvel WRIting MOnth or nanowrimo for short. if you are not familiar with it you should visit the idea is basically to encourage as many people as possible to write something vaguely novel length over the period of a month. I have been threatening to actually win (winning meaning achieving the goal of 50,000 words) for a number of years now but I each year it seems I make it to about 30,000 words. Rather interestingly 50,000 words is actually not that much in terms of a book. A 50,000 word book is on the edge of a novella instead of an actual novel. In previous years I have tried writing in the far future and or in a fantasy type setting and also in a familiar current time world. But nothing seems to be much better than any of the other options. This year I think I am going to mix things up a bit and try something where I mix those types of realities together.

At the moment the rough plot works something like this Charles and Agatha are strangers living in a city together. Agatha is scientist and engineer with a passion for numbers and artificial intelligence and the workings of the human brain. Charles is a fantasy geek who constantly daydreams himself into fantasy scenarios. Agatha builds some fancy device which monitors her brain activity. There is an accident and Agatha and Charles find themselves trapped in a strange fantasy world generated from the both of their minds. Or something at least vaguely like that.

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