Tuesday, June 30, 2009

blowing up Jupiter again

Because it has been so very long since the last time I discussed the blowing up of Jupiter on this blog I figure it is time again. Furthermore I really think it would be very healthy for me to try to make a blog post every day. Up to this point I have always been serious about the ways that one might employ in order to blow up poor Jupiter but now I think it is time to put the constraint of serious aside. I think I am going to start posting methods of blowing up Jupiter that just don't make any practical sense. For instance we could try to turn jupiter into a black hole by shooting a single extremely highly energetic proton into its atmosphere. If the proton had the kind of energy of say 10^45 J then the first particle it hit would cause a collapse into a positively miniscule black hole hurtling towards the planet giving off insanely high energy hawking radiation in every direction this black hole would probably evaporate but the high energy radiation coming out from the black hole would cause a huge pressure wave which would itself spawn multiple black holes in the pressure wave and the whole planet would become a huge explosion. Unfortunately the formation of all these tiny black holes would probably ensure that instead of collapsing into a black hole afterwards the planet would just explode and completely destroy the solar system and very probably any other system within say a few hundred light years. Jupiter is a loss then but the shockwave could very possibly cause the collapse of hundreds or thousands of stars into black holes. Admittedly this doesn't seem very appealing but it is just such a pretty picture, sending one particle into a planet to make a apocalyptic explosion.

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