Monday, February 2, 2009

Pacman competition

This semester I am taking an upper division computer science course on artificial intelligence more or less for fun. The CS department tries to only let full cs majors into the upper division classes so I had to go through a few people in order to actually get into the class. So far the class has been fairly interesting and quite a bit of fun. The first two programming projects in the class are centered around code for a Pacman game. This code (or more likely a modification of it) will form the basis for a competition at the end of the semester. The most exciting part about this competition is that it will have two parts an intra university competition here at the U and an inter university competition between the U and an AI class being run at Berkeley. I was planning on taking this course before I knew about the competition but this competition has elevated the class to very near top priority among my classes.

Although the actual complete details of the competition have not yet been revealed the first two programming projects have been working with Pacman code and I have been thinking about some Pacman related problems as a result. Therefore I think I am going to begin posting about Pacman code and Pacman related problems. For now just know that my Pac-agents are destined for victory!!!!!

-P.S. given an set of integer coordinates and allowing only movements on a grid what is the most efficient algorithm for calculating the minimum path distance to visit all the points in the given set?

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