Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Towards an applet

I think I am going to try and write and then post an applet on my blog see I figure people like things that are interactive and or things that they can just watch. I could make the applet something that is actually interactive... but then that might be too much to ask for my first one to actually put up. I think instead it will just be something like an applet that does something like show a simulation of some aspect of the plan to collapse Jupiter. Later I could make it dynamic so that you can set parameters and watch it do cool stuff but... maybe that is asking a bit much. does anyone know if you can actually even put up applets on a blogger controlled site? I know how to embed applet tags into the html but I don't know how to upload content... uhh... any content at all actually... ok maybe I should think about putting up a picture before I try to put up something as dynamic as a program.

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